Everyone in Sunset Cove is devoted to their “look”. Hairstyles are a big part of how we look and there are some very crazy hairstyles in Sunset Cove. So this week we give you our Atlantis High Guide to hairstyles.


Violet – Winner of the most hairstyles in Sunset Cove

In her teens Violet Profusion dreamed of being a hairdresser. She would play with her hair all day long and would often get in trouble at school.

When Violet was 24 she was diagnosed with alopecia (hair loss). She only lost a small amount of hair and it did grow back but Violet was traumatised. Her hair had meant everything to her and to have some of it falling out was a catastrophe.

Violet took to wearing wigs. She started off with the normal hair coloured and styled ones but Violet’s a different girl. She doesn’t like to conform and finding anything bigger and bolder was better.

Now Violet owns around 100 wigs. She spends 30 minutes every morning trying to decide which one to wear and another 20 minutes putting it on.

Occasionally she has been chased down the street by children who think she’s the local clown.

Mr Dorsey

Mr Dorsey doesn’t usually have hair – that is to say, when he is in his natural form he doens’t usually have hair. Mr Dorsey is a reptile and reptiles don’t have hair, they have scales. So when Mr Dorsey came to earth on his “mission” he was forced to take on the “human” look.

As you can see Mr Dorsey is unsure what to do with his hair and we believe he has never brushed it.

Jet Marigold

Jet loves her blue hair. Her favourite colour is blue and she loves to trawl the shops looking for any type of clothing that is blue.

Because Jet has worn blue clothing her whole life, her hair grows blue naturally. She’s even in the Guiness Book of Records.