As well as there being many types of aliens, it seems too that there are many types of spaceships in which they travel. The come in all types of shapes but the Top 9 are below

  1. Tiny diamond shapes with fuzzy green glow
  2. Silver-plated cigar shape
  3. Triangular shape
  4. Shoe shaped
  5. Translucent soap bubbles
  6. Saucer shapes
  7. Glowing spheres
  8. Large smelly feet shape
  9. Bright glowing blue golfballs

For centuries there have been reports of strange lights in the sky. Indeed, unidentified flying objects have appeared in historical art far before the first plane was ever thought about!


Some people in Sunset Cove are convinced that Mr Dorsey is not of this world. He certainly has some crazy ideas but in Sunset Cove everyone has crazy ideas.

His mechanical arm, his reptilian appearance, his favourite meal of mice. All these things could have one thinking he is an alien.

I heard a rumour recently that he’s been trying to contact the spaceship around Sunset Cove but I’ve never heard any more. Even I can’t get near enough to the spaceship to ask them any questions.


It seems that over the years many sightings have been seen and reported including the much publicised “Roswell” incident.

Strange ancient cave drawings have even been found near Tibet. These drawings show beings wearing helmets alongside pictures of the stars and the moon.

More modern reports talk of abductions where people believe they’ve been abducted by aliens. Some people think they’ve been taken for tests and even implanted with types of microchip.

Crop circles are another phenomenon that are thought to be caused by aliens or spaceships. These occur all over the world but more than most are in the U.K.

Aliens will always be a mystery. Nothing is conclusive and it may be many years to come before we really know what is out there…