“Hi, I’m Beanie. I’ve learnt a lot about aliens whilst trying to track down where I’m from, and what I am. Aliens are quite different from humans and I’m not sure what category I fit in to.

Here is some of what I’ve found out…


SUNSET COVE SIGHTINGS While I don’t want to include myself in this, there have been reported sightings of aliens in and around Sunset Cove. There are all sorts of speculation about what they want. Perhaps they just want to observe humans, maybe they want “samples”, maybe they are lost, maybe they have a contact on earth. The possibilities are endless because it is all speculation.

The spaceship spotted in Sunset Cove is huge! It’s like a big flying plate with lots of bright lights sparkling around the outside. It would take a lot of food to fill that plate! Oooh and it’s ROUND!! he he. I get a strange sensation when I see it – I’ve only seen it a couple of times but I’m drawn to it. I keep trying to find it and sometimes you can see me go out with my “navigator” hoping they will see me.


I’ve seen pictures of aliens and I don’t think I look like one. There are different types of aliens I guess and the most common is the “grey”. These are the stereotypical pictures you see of aliens with large black eyes, large heads and skinny bodies – and you don’t see them with ears like me do you?

Then there are the aliens that are very small and green. I haven’t seen any of these in Sunset Cove but Giles often looks a little green and sometimes I wonder…

The aliens that have been spotted in Sunset Cove are rather strange. They have large veins on their heads and long serated tails. Their feet are huge and almost look like alligator feet. They don’t have five fingers on each hand like I do – they have three.

I haven’t been able to study them too closely because they seem very secretive and don’t like to be seen – I’m not sure where they’re from but the word “Phenorg” comes to mind. “Phenorg” might be a planet, a beach in the south of France or a skin lotion for all I know – but I get funny feelings sometimes.