Atlantis High is a milestone in television. It covers many spectrums in the television world. It’s a world where aliens rule supreme, bronzed hunks and beauty queens mingle with secret agents and superheroes, and the Underworld takes on a whole new meaning.


10,000BC – The first dance routine was discovered. Cave Man Ug slipped on a banana skin and some Sabre tooth Tiger droppings and his well know moves became known as the “slive jive”, the “smoove joove” and the “crocadilly shuffle”.

1888/1889 – Thomas Edison made the first “talking picture” where he had a series of pictures played in sequence with recorded sound.

1928 – The first dialogue film released by Warner Brothers “Lights of New York”.

1930 – The first publicly televised play was played on television

– Tap Dancing invented – Drew Druid (who was profoundly deaf) stepped on some bottle tops one day. They got stuck to the bottom of his shoes. But because he was deaf he couldn’t hear the clatter they made. People liked the sound and Drew Druid became one of the most famous Tap Dancers around.

September 2001 – Atlantis High is broadcast for the very first time.

Over the years there have been all sorts of television programme genres. Spy movies like James Bond, Drama’s, Science Fiction, Alien movies like E.T and Roswell, superheroes and of course Comedy.

Atlantis High is a spoof melodrama that captures the milieu of soap television in a zany, creative and visually colourful way.

Atlantis High revolves around themes that deal with human drama and interplay, alien discovery, love and teenage angst. The series pays homage to the great soap operas and spoof television movies of our time, such as the icon series “Soap”, and the themes of coming of age explored in classics like American Graffiti.

In a way it captures all the above genres. Spy movies – Octavia is a secret agent working for a mysterious boss. There is intrigue at her character in which nothing phases her and there is nothing she is not capable of doing. A James Bond type character.

Beanie is an alien from another world but why is he on Earth, and where does he come from? There are three other Aliens travelling around Sunset Cove in a spaceship. They are looking for something or someone… but what?

Superheroes – Josh Montana is the Atlantis High quarterback but no one realises he is really “Silver Lining” in disguise!! The typical superhero with bright colours a long cape and a catchy phrase “truth, honour and justice awaits!”

Atlantis High has been an idea in the making for many years. Atlantis High has been met with great critical acclaim and has already built up a large audience. The series has furthermore increased its audience with each episode broadcast, reflecting a spread of “word of mouth” among its new fans.