Top 5 excuses for homework

  1. My sister ate it
  2. I must have used invisible ink in my pen
  3. I used it as toilet paper
  4. My mum thought it was so good she sent it in to MENSA
  5. My brother stole it and said it was his!

Homework and Tests

Homework – is it never done? We spend 6 hours a day at school and are then expected to do another 2 hours when we get home! Gee, life isn’t fair.

Some people find tests invigorating – all that study finally put to good use and proving to yourself that you’ve taken it in and it will be with you for life.

Others find themselves feeling physically sick at the thought of a test. Sweaty palms, butterfly stomachs and mind blocks. You take one look at the test and scream inside your head “Arrrrgggghhh how am supposed to remember this????”

Tests don’t seem part of the curriculum at Atlantis High – it’s the most relaxed school in the world! They’re amazed if you can read!


Sports at school can be fun and most schools offer a range of activities. Coach Shane teaches sport at Atlantis High and he considers anything to be a sport including dancing, the hoolahoop and even taking a spa. As long as you have great muscle tone, a 10/10 golden tan and the right clothes then you’re Coach Shane’s best student.

School Rules

Every school has rules – and consequences if you break them. Most often they are – no smoking, no wagging/bunking/skiving, no leaving the school without permission, no stealing, do not deface school property and more…

At Atlantis High school rules are somewhat different to your ordinary school – their number one rule is “You are not to wear, or have in your possession lurid, gender oppressive underwear, made by exploited child labour in politically unsound countries” AND “you are not to wear economy brand leisure wear”.

Just about ANYTHING else at Atlantis high goes.