We spend a great many years at school and we learn alot from all the people we meet. School is so important and here is the Atlantis High Guide to school…


Your 1st day at school
You usually start school at 5 or 6. By this time you’ve already been to a preschool or daycare and have been mixing with other kids, playing with playdoh, building sandcastles and learning to go to the toilet by yourself.

Your first day at school can be exciting or completely terrifying. Walking into school on the first day, you meet your teacher and another 20-25 kids – who will be your friend at lunchtime?

Giles was nervous on his first day at Atlantis High – he’d never seen such weird people. He didn’t get off on the right foot after Sabrina put a fluffy pink g-string in his bag. But his first day came and went and before he knew it he had many friends.

Friends at school

Some schools have hundreds of kids and others only have a few but there are always enough to choose friends from. Sure, you won’t get along with everybody – the boy who picks his nose, or the girl who’s always grumpy – but there’s always plenty of friends to go around for everyone.

Those early days of friendship when you’re young are spent going to birthday parties and being invited around to someone else’s house to play with their toys, teasing each other, staying overnight at a friends house without your Mum in the next room. Many social skills are learnt at an early age.


Do you or did you have a favourite teacher? There’s often a teacher that you feel closer to or that makes class so much more fun. You really want to learn everything they’re teaching you.

Things not to do at school…

  1. Pick your nose and flick it at the teacher.
  2. Kiss the girls and make them cry
  3. Give free hair cuts to every kid
  4. Let off stink bombs in the toilet
  5. Put laxatives in the teacher’s drinks

But then there are some teachers you just can’t stand. They never smile, they make the work boring or you think they secretly hate you. We’ve all met teachers like this!

What do you think of the teacher’s at Atlantis High?