Hi, Beanie Weanie here. This weird planet has some weird people living on it and none are weirder than the guys here in Sunset Cove. First they laugh and stare and then they start a craze… Let me tell you all about my story of the beedly boppers.”.



I’ve been living here for…well, quite some time…I guess. And I’ve always loved to wear things on my head. Things like hearts and flowers and round things. Things that sparkle and shine. Things that spring and zoing and bedabingbing.

I’m happy when I wear my beedly boppers and they make me feel like dancing. I guess it’s a part of where I come from, who I am. Maybe my people wear them to celebrate? Or maybe the people of my people that wear them are like royalty? Whatever the reason, I found myself on this planet with a whole collection of beedly boppers.

People started to look at me strangely when I wore them to church for the first time. I knew that church was somewhere that you had to behave yourself and I always dressed up in my finest jeans and truckers hat when I went there so that I looked good. But one Sunday I woke up and felt sad and put on my sparkliest pair of beedly boppers which were purple and yellow zebras. They made me feel like dancing and I did – I danced all the way to church. I just forgot that I had them on.

I’m used to people staring at me so it didn’t make me feel too spaced out when all the congregation started to point and old Mrs.Miggins screamed and fainted when I walked in. That was nothing new to me at all.

But when the Rev.Hill included me in his sermon about the dangers of space aliens and said that the first sign that an alien was in the midst of town was when it started to sprout zebras out of its head I knew that he was talking about me.

I was terrified, horrified that I might actually be an alien! Missie Missie had told me all about aliens after she’d been to the drive-in movie at Cornelius Cove one time and she was so scared that one night they were going to come and suck her brains out through her ears that she never went anywhere again.

I didn’t want to be like that! I didn’t want to turn into a brain sucking alien.

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