Beach 1The residents of Sunset Cove spend many a weekend (and weekday) at the beach. And with all its natural beauty, it is no wonder the beach is so popular. It has a beautiful view of the ocean and the pounding surf crashing onto the shore, sun drenched sand that stretches as far as the eye can see in both directions, and a blazing sun overhead that promises the best of suntans to all who laze under it.

The beach is a focus for many social activities ranging from beach volleyball to Frisbee,
weightlifting to jogging, sunbathing and just hanging out with friends. If the wind is up then the surf is up, and you will be guaranteed to see surfing, swimming and boating at the beach.

If you are looking for ocean girls with teeth like pearls and muscle-bound guys trying to catch their eyes, then the beach is the place to go. It is not a place a nerd would want to go to because they would stand out in a place full of natural (and human) beauty — and that is how Giles Gordon feels when he goes there.

Atlantis High School

Atlantis HighThe high school of Sunset Cove and the main focus for activity in the series — it is here that newly arrived student, Giles Gordon, embarks on his adventures.

The students at Atlantis High are very eccentric and crazy, and always seem to be engaging in bizarre activity, for example, giving haircuts to other students or dancing during classes. 

Their odd behavior is matched by the teachers — Coach Shane school canteentakes tango-dancing lessons during American football games.

The school canteen is a popular place to hang out — and the food isn’t too bad. Giles’ mother, Dorothy, can sometimes be seen working here too in between her time at the Vermont’s house and the local diner. There is also a student who many claim to be the real Elvis — pass him the maple syrup and he will reply, “why, thank you very much”…

Mr. Dorsey’s science room has amazingly complex equations on the whiteboard, strange objects and devices attached to the walls, bubbling test tubes and glass containers containing all sorts of matter — and anti-matter…?

Ms Violet Profusion’s office is full of cluttered paperwork and files scattered around — which is surprising since she is the principal. It is from here that her assistant, Vita, makes announcements to the school over the public address system.

Mr. Quentin’s counseling room is downstairs near the main entrance — this is the place where students are sent for advice if they are in trouble.

The school field is usually awash with American football players or cheerleaders getting ready for the next big game.

Atlantis High fieldThe gym is a popular place for guys and girls to tone their muscles and keep themselves looking beautiful. Coach Shane is often found here supervising a game of basketball — and making sure all the students are tanned and looking good.

There is a theatre at the school where productions of plays and musicals are performed by students — Giles becomes involved in Romeo and Juliet.

If you are in a classroom or walking the corridors, you will probably expect to see something weird going on somewhere in Atlantis High.

Why is this the case? Are the rumors true that Atlantis High is actually built on the site where rested the ancient city of Atlantis many thousands of years ago? Or does Atlantis High have something to do with aliens? What are the military always looking for with their scanners and detectors?

Only time will tell…


Bubble bubble – toil and trouble? There’s not normally a queue to get into this room belonging to Q. Are people scared to enter here? Or is it a sign that there are very few trouble makers or people who need help that visit this mysterious place of the equally mysterious Guidance Counsellor Q.

Q hardly ever stands up, he always seems to be sitting at his desk with a monicle on his eye as he eye spys what’s going on in the community on his television screen which is hooked up to some hidden cameras. If you were to walk into this room the first thing you would notice would be the low rasping base tones of Q’s voice. He’d ask “why are you here?” and proceed to analyse what problem you may be having, followed by his solution of what to do. That is unless you are Octavia Vermont who often goes to visit Q for some reason – could it be that the rumours she is some kind of secret agent working for Q, who masterminds some kind of secret, top secret Secret Agency.

Fish. There are fish everywhere in giant aquarium water tanks in Q’s room. There are also green bubbly pools of liquid. No one knows what this liquid is – some think it is purely a natural organism as Q seems to enjoy having fluroescent green light shining in the room – others think however the green mush looks a lot like Dorothy Gordon’s pea soup that she serves at the school canteen.


Mr Dorsey’s Lab – This of course refer’s to Mr Dorsey’s incredible laboratory not his labrador puppy.

There are so many bubbles in here packed inside miles and miles of plastic tubing and beakers, bunsen burners and jars containing more bizarre things than even the kitchen at the school canteen.

Mr Dorsey loves to draw a variety of pictures on his humongous blackboard – he is expert on anitomical diagrams, biological pics – and he can even do a pretty mean Mona Lisa drawing.

He has even been known to doodle the occasional cartoon – often featuring many reptiles and lizards. Why could this be?



What is inside the fantastic spaceship that cruises around the galaxy? We know (don’t ask us how, but we do) and are giving you a sneak peak of how it feels to be Xeron, Nebula or Vortex.

The spaceship has a giant monitor that the aliens look out of so they can admire the view – and see where they are going. The first alien spaceship they had before this one had no monitor and Vortex often accidentally crashed into something because he couldn’t see where he was going.

There are lots and lots of buttons to be pressed. Most of these control the spaceships direction, speed and lights. Other buttons are there just for fun because Nebula loves to push buttons.

What’s the matter? Or what’s the anti-matter? The choice is up to you with the matter generating defice that the aliens use to create things like disguises, clothes and food. With these amazing things the aliens can keep themselves well fed on their long journey’s and make clothes so they can mingle seemlessly with the inhabitants of the planet that they visit.

The transporter is a fun way to beam up items or people and it saves catching a cab to get somewhere fast.

Also inside the ship is a plastic container that is hardly opened. This is the aliens trashcan and contains remains of the food they have devoured – as well as piles and piles of parking tickets they have accumulated over the years from the Intergalactic Traffic Warden Agency.