Sunset Cove is the beautiful resort town by the sea “where it all comes true”. To check out some of the places in and around Sunset Cove, click the pictures below…  If you like the look of it, come and visit Atlantis High (you can fly in or hitch a ride on an alien spacecraft – that might sound weird but it’s not such an unusual occurrence round here).  We’ll keep a place just for you on the beach! 🙂


Coach Shane's Gym
Alien Spacecraft
Mr Dorsey's Lab
Coach Shane’s Gym
Alien Spacecraft
Mr Dorsey’s Lab
Q's Room
Atlantis High school
The Beach
Q’s Room 
Atlantis High school
The Beach
High Street
Princess Diner
Giles Gordon's house
Sunset Cove High Street
The Diner
Giles Gordon’s house
Vermont's house
Octavia Vermont’s house